Death Threat Quilt

At a Dignidad Literaria forum, Roxane Gay explained a problem that Stephen King fails to understand: being a writer in the United States, in particular one who is situated on the margins, makes one extremely vulnerable to threats of violence and death. Gay shared her experiences, stressing that she pays for a security service to monitor and protect her. This is the kind of thing that Americans often associate with “other” countries, countries like Mexico, but it is RIGHT HERE. Marginalized writers endure constant threats of violence for speaking truth to power. Such threats are also laced with racist and misogynist hatred. Flatiron books admitted during a meeting with Dignidad Literaria that Jeanine Cummins received no death threats. Meanwhile, critics of her work have been told they should be executed. Scroll through this death threat quilt to learn about this very ugly truth.

gas chamber

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