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American Dirt is sort of like Donald Trump: an epic series of outrages that only seems to get worse by the day, especially now that Oprah and the white supremacists have entered the fray (on the same side!). It’s too much to keep track of, and any number of things that should individually disqualify this book from existence (like borderline “plagiarism”) get lost in the morass of awfulness.

The book itself is insignificant except that it forms a convenient hub. It’s emblematic of problems not just in publishing, but in the United States itself. It’s not the cause of any of them, but it is the furthering of all of them.

Let’s have some fun and blog the book, chapter by chapter. Let’s try for a target of 1,000 words per chapter.

To sign up, just add a comment with your name, twitter handle, and the chapter you want.

There are 36 Chapters, plus an afterward, and an authors note. Every one of them is a crime in itself. I’ll post a list of chapters and names as folks signup.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun breakdown by @LalaMarissaC

Chapter 1: @VictorNWJustice
Chapter 2: @susanabenavidez
Chapter 3: Lee Hammond
Chapter 4: @SchmidtTales
Chapter 5: @cynthiadotorg
Chapter 7: @dvidsilva
Chapter 10: @CoatlicueLisa
Chapter 13: @rouxrm
Chapter 17: @calvinhunter75
Chapter 19: @nessabrown27
Chapter 33: Beverly Slapin


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        1. No deadline. The sooner the better bc we are trying to counter a new wave of complaints that none of the critics have read the book… that’s the Meghan Daum line. Max word count 1000 words, min ~ 200 words.

    1. It’s yours! Do you have a copy or shall I send you a pdf of the chapter? google doc, word both fine; max ~1,000 words but no one is gonna get upset if you exceed that. Min maybe ~300 words…

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